Classes and Speakers

If your school, club, or group would like to have any of these classes presented at one of your meetings, Election Commission staff will present the free class at the location and date of your choice (schedule allowing).


Educational sessions include:


Voting 901 – a basic class on how to use voting equipment and what to expect at the polls, for those who will vote for the first time. Participants are offered a tour of SCEC at a different date and time after the class.


Running for Office – Ever thought of throwing your hat in the ring for a political position? This class offers instructions on the process, how to complete the paperwork, filing deadlines, and what to expect.


Voting Rights Restoration – Have legal problems in the past that resulted in the loss of your right to vote? It’s usually not permanent, but if you want to vote again there are steps you must take.  This class details things you need to do to have your voting rights restored.


Election Myth Busters – There’s been a lot of buzz about alleged election hacking.  Attend this class to find out why Shelby County is safe from hackers.


Classes for younger people:


Facts for Future Voters – Information for teens about voting, mechanics, motivation and duty. Voting machines are brought in for demonstration, and we hold a mock election with ballot items of interest to teens.


Never Too Young – Voting machines are brought in and an election is held for elementary-age school children. Ballot items may be things like favorite movie, favorite dessert, favorite cartoon character or favorite TV show .


If you are interested in having a class held at your meeting, church or other organization, email


Linda Teaching Kids Class

Linda Phillips teaching a class at the Raleigh Library. 

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