Public Records Requests

The Shelby County Election Commission is happy to fulfill records requests for citizens of Tennessee.  Our first responsibility, however, is to manage elections.  Generally it will not be possible to inspect or obtain copies of records thirty days prior to an election and until after that election is certified.
We are the custodians of  only voting records..  Individuals seeking copies of emails, budgets, fiinancial reports, contracts, and purchasing documents need to direct their requests to Shelby County.  A copy of the Shelby County policy and instructions to obtain records for which they are the custodian can be found by clicking here.
Please note that we do not do research.  If a document exists, we are more than happy to provide it to you but we will not run specialized reports or analyze data.
A list of registered voters is available to citizens of Tennessee but only if the information is being used for political purposes.  The voter lists and maps request form can be found here.
After you make a request for records, we will respond to you as soon as we are able to locate the records and determine what fees, if any, apply.  You should usually expect to hear from us within 5 business days.
For a complete copy of Shelby County Election Commission Public Records Policy, including the fee schedule, click here.  
For a Public Records request form,  please click here.   NEW!  You may submit your public records request electronically by clicking here,  then select Public Records Request (right hand column,  next box up from the bottom.)
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