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Classes and Speakers

The Shelby County Election Commission offers free public classes and informational sessions (schedule allowing). If you are interested in any of the educational resources listed below for your class, church, or organization, please email sherry.hewlett@shelbycountytn.gov .


Available lnformational Sessions:

Voting 901 – A basic class on how to use voting equipment and what to expect at the polls for those who will vote for the first time. Participants are offered a tour of SCEC at a different date and time after the class.

Running for Office – Ever thought of throwing your hat in the ring for a political position? This class offers information on the process, how to complete the paperwork, filing deadlines, and what to expect.


Classes for Young People:

Facts for Future Voters - Information for teens about voting, mechanics, motivation and duty. Voting machines are brought in for demonstration, and we hold an election with ballot items of interest to teens.

Never Too Young – Voting machines are brought in and an election is held for elementary-age school children. Ballot items may be things like favorite movie, favorite dessert, favorite cartoon character or TV show.


Linda Teaching Kids Class

Linda Phillips teaching a class at the Raleigh Library. 

Kid's Corner

Please color one of our coloring pages.  Then mail it, along with your name and address to Shelby County Election Commission at 157 Poplar, Suite 137, Memphis, TN 38103.  You may also scan and email it to sherry.hewlett@shelbycountytn.gov  Then we will mail you a nylon sports bag.  By mailing it to us, you agree that we may use the page and your first name on our social media.  Election Commission Coloring Page Image
Coloring Pages
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Parents & Teachers

Are you looking for some resources to help children and teens learn about our government and the importance of voting?
We suggest the following websites as age appropriate resources to help your children and students learn about our government and the election process:

Tour the Operations Center

We welcome visitors to tour the O.C. Pleasant, Jr. Election Operations Center, 980 Nixon Drive.  Tours can be arranged for individuals, clubs or groups.  For more information, email sherry.hewlett@shelbycountytn.gov to schedule a time.


Please note, private tours may not be possible during elections, but public inspections of the voting machines in both Early Voting and Election Day occur during each election cycle, and you are welcome to attend at that time. 

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Volunteer as a Deputy Registrar

Become a Deputy Registrar!

Volunteer Deputy Registrars assist the Shelby County Election Commission with the important job of getting people registered to vote.

It’s easy to help!  Sign-up for training and become a voter registration expert. Register voters at registration drives in high schools, community centers, churches, and other events.

Check out our calendar for upcoming training dates. If you are interested, email sherry.hewlett@shelbycountytn.gov .

For current Deputy Registrars that need to publish their event, please email the following information to sherry.hewlett@shelbycountytn.gov .

Name of Deputy Registrar(s) Attending

Name of Event



Beginning and Ending Time

Any specific information such as language interpretation that will be available.


Image of Deputy Registrars being Sworn In


If you are a member of the media and on deadline, please contact our PR Representative, Suzanne Thompson at (901) 550-5509.

Press Releases

2/6/2020       Presidential Primary Early Voting Info

4/3/2019       New SCEC Commissioners

1/20/2019     SCEC Won't Appeal IRV

1/7/2019       Early Voting Begins in District 32 Race

12/10/2018   Death of Past Chairman O.C. Pleasant, Jr.

11/28/2018   Petitions Available District 32

11/9/2018     Provisional Totals Close Races

11/9/2018     Provisional Counting Board

10/31/2018  Order Issued by Appellate Court

10/25/2018  False Reporting EV Hours

10/23/2018  TBVP Release, Final

9/20/2018    Drive Thru VR Drive

9/20/2018    Community Event Germantown

9/17/2018    September Commission Meeting

9/17/2018    Voting Machine Demo

9/11/2018     Referendum for 11/2918 Ballot


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2023 Municipal Election FACT SHEETS

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