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Press Releases

2/6/2020       Presidential Primary Early Voting Info

4/3/2019       New SCEC Commissioners

1/20/2019     SCEC Won't Appeal IRV

1/7/2019       Early Voting Begins in District 32 Race

12/10/2018   Death of Past Chairman O.C. Pleasant, Jr.

11/28/2018   Petitions Available District 32

11/9/2018     Provisional Totals Close Races

11/9/2018     Provisional Counting Board

10/31/2018  Order Issued by Appellate Court

10/25/2018  False Reporting EV Hours

10/23/2018  TBVP Release, Final

9/20/2018    Drive Thru VR Drive

9/20/2018    Community Event Germantown

9/17/2018    September Commission Meeting

9/17/2018    Voting Machine Demo

9/11/2018     Referendum for 11/2918 Ballot


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