In less than two months, the Shelby County Primary Election will be held.

At the February monthly meeting of the Shelby County Election Commission, the commissioners certified the candidates that will appear on the May 1st ballot. Shortly after that the official ballot was built, and once ready, it was mailed to all residents serving overseas in the military who requested an absentee ballot.

When that group of absentee ballots was mailed, the election cycle  officially began. After that there is a constant whirlwind of activity at the Election Commission, as staff prepares to mail out absentee ballots to other out-of-town residents, and schedule off-site election polling places.

Ballots are taken into every nursing home in the county to make it easy for elderly voters to participate in every election. Teams of election officials take the ballots not only to nursing homes, but to rehabilitation facilities and hospitals. Ballots also are taken to county correctional facilities so citizens convicted of misdemeanor crimes, or those awaiting trial can vote.

This is just one of many aspects of election administration that occurs behind the scenes, before Early Voting begins, which brings me to a very important point.

During Early Voting, April 11 -  April 26, registered voters may vote at any of 21 locations around the county. Please check our website for locations and times. Lines are typically much shorter during Early Voting, which is a great convenience to voters.

On Election Day, voters must vote at the polling place assigned to the precinct in which they reside. Early voters receive the same ballot they would receive on Election Day, but because there are so many more machines used that day, only the ballot for each precinct is programmed into machines before they are delivered to the precincts.

I encourage each and every one of you to take advantage of the convenience of Early Voting.  Make voting a family affair. Pick up your parents and vote with them, or go cast your votes at the same time your adult children do.

Mark your calendars so you will remember the dates when you can exercise your most fundamental right as a citizen. So, either during Early Voting, or on Election Day JUST GO VOTE!!!

SCEC's Newest Workers

These two new staff members, Liberty and Shelby, have been assigned to warehouse duty. Unwanted visitors were invading the space in the evening, so instead of hiring expensive exterminators, the feline duo was brought in to play cat-and-mouse. And they have won the game. Just having the two furry rescue cats in the building has discouraged the nocturnal invaders and Liberty and Shelby have a warm, comfortable new home. Employees sometime spend some stress relieving break time with the cats, who have in turn given SCEC employees peace of mind.


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