We're hosting a new kind of Open House on April 7th between 4 and 7 p.m. at all Shelby County polling locations. This one is aimed at helping voters be Voter Ready in 2022!

The Tennessee legislature recently approved redistricting plans, which sparked the need for precinct changes throughout Shelby County. That, combined with cost and organizational efficiencies, led to multiple changes, including polling place closures, mergers, relocations, and name changes. That's a lot to communicate, so we're now partnering with the Shelby County Voter Alliance (SCVA), composed of a group of nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations, which support voter advocacy, to assist with the mammoth job of communicating the changes throughout the county.
To find out where your new or existing election day location is, visit shelbyvote.org, click the Voter Ready Open House banner and follow the instructions listed. You can also call the Voter Information Hotline at 901-222-1222, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., M - F. Extended hotline hours will be offered further into the election season.

Attending the Voter Ready Open House is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with where to go on Election Day. You can also pick up election information such as election day times and locations, early voting dates, times and locations and more. Eligible Shelby County residents can even register to vote.

Know before you go to the polls this year by attending the Voter Ready Open House on April 7.