The general election for the Tennessee House District 86, coming on March 14, will be a first of its kind because we have a single candidate on the ballot, Justin Pearson! Click here to see Election Day polling locations. The law requires us to have a general election, but Mr. Pearson has already been installed as Tennessee Representative Justin Pearson, as he's the only candidate on the ballot. 

With no Republican candidates on the ticket during the primary election, the Tennessee House District 86 primary election in January essentially decided the election. Democratic voters selected Representative Pearson to fill the position that the late Barbara Cooper held for many years. Voters chose the youngest candidate on the ballot, Justin Pearson, 28. Pearson is a community activist who made a name for himself when he spearheaded the effort to stop the Byhalia Pipeline project to protect our precious water supply.

The primary election results were certified on Thursday, Jan. 26. To see the certified results, click here.


Voting Machine Technician

Richard "Rick" Roberson

Rick has called the Election Commission his work home for 11 years. He started as a temporary and enjoyed the work so much he jumped at the chance to make the job permanent. His dedication to the job shows. Shelby County Election Commission Operations Manager Carla Lytle says Rick is the kind of person who never needs to be told what to do, because he looks for what needs doing and gets it done!








You can help others register to vote!

A class to train Deputy Registrars has just been announced. Deputy Registrars are people just like you, who take an oath to follow voter registration rules after taking this class. 

Anyone can hold a voter registration event, but if there's not an election official present, the newly registered voter must vote in person the first time and are ineligible to vote absentee. 

For college students who are away at school, or people who are traveling during a voting period, being able to vote absentee is a must. The dates of the next class has just been announced. The class is free.


March Class:

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 

5:30 p.m.


Advance registration is required. 

Grab your spot today!!




There's a lot of interest in the City of Memphis Municipal Elections because the mayoral race is on the ballot. Public interest in the candidates drives voter turnout. 

Linda Phillips says calls are pouring into her office from people wanting to know when they can pick up a petition to run for mayor.

May 22 is the first day you can get your hands on a petition. You can grab one at either Election Commission office and you can announce your candidacy whenever you like.







The Memphis Municipal Elections are coming up on October 5. Check out the offices on the ballot and key dates.

You can check on the 


Declaring your candidacy is the first step and it's easy! You can do this by:


  • Public Announcement
  • Picking up a Petition
  • Fundraising


Once you do any of these, you must immediately file a document called Appointment of Treasurer, listing the name of the person who will be responsible for the money raised. You also are required to open a bank account that is only used for campaign funds.

The Election Commission periodically holds classes on the steps necessary to run for office -just the procedures - campaigning isn't discussed. The next one will be in late April or early May. If you are considering throwing your hat in the ring, email Sherry Hewlett,