In March, Shelby County residents took to the polls to choose their presidential candidate for the November national election. Republican party members in the county chose Donald J. Trump as their candidate and Democratic party members chose Joe Biden as their candidate. At the county level, voters cast ballots for General Session Court Clerk as well. Republican party members chose Lisa Arnold as their candidate and Democratic party members chose Tami Sawyer as their candidate. Check out the full results from March here.

This August election is an important one, so don’t save all your voting energy for November! Not only will Shelby County residents be casting ballots for Shelby County General Sessions Court Clerk and Shelby County School Board Divisions, Tennessee voters will also cast ballots in primaries for state and US representatives. 

Unsure which district you’re in? Click here to find out. Want to share the upcoming election with your community? Print out this PDF or email it to a Shelby County voter today! 

Linda Phillips, Administrator of Elections