It's a difference most would never notice, but our new precinct names are now in alignment with precinct names across Tennessee from the State's perspective.
Each precinct name now has six characters split by three hyphens. The new names will look more like this, 02-02-U2.

  • The first two characters indicate the County Commission district the precinct is in.
  • The second two characters are numbers indicating the precinct within that Commission district. For example, on a precinct map, the "01" is in the northwest corner of that Commission district. The "02" is east of that number one, and so on from north to south.
  • The fifth character is a letter that indicates whether the address is in a municipality or an unincorporated area. The letters are:
    • A – Arlington
    • B – Bartlett
    • C - Collierville
    • G - Gemantown
    • I - Memphis
    • L - Lakeland
    • M - Millington
    • U - Unincorporated
  • A sixth character is a number. This differentiates between the various districts in that precint. The Number one is the largest geographic area, not the number of voters. Each subsequent numeral represets prectints by area - size from largest (1) to smallest.

All of this information helps with state coding of elections, nothing more. However, where you go to vote is most important! To remain Voter Ready in 2022, click here to provide us with your contact information to send you regular voting-related news and information.

The State’s recent redistricting process will lead to some polling location changes in 2022. We will ensure you are alerted if any changes affect your Election Day voting location.