The third step in the redistricting process is nearly complete.  It was necessary to make some adjustment to the precinct lines that were approved in November as Tennessee law does not allow a precinct line to cross a Senate District.  The Governor has not yet signed the redistricting legislation so this map is not yet official. If you want to see the proposed precincts, click here.   
Now our voter registration vendor needs to upload the new shape files into our voter registration system so that the districts associated with each voter will be correct.  Our interactive district locator tool needs to be updated and posted to the webpage.  All of our paper maps need to be updated.  We will continue working on this with a target date for updated interactive mapping by February 15th.
Meanwhile our Operations team is busy locating polling places for each precinct.  We haven't really looked at the locations of polling places since 2002;  a lot can change in 20 years so they are busy making sure that each precinct has the best possible location.  We use density maps from our GIS system in order to place polling places near where voters live.  Polling places need to be fully ADA accessible and have enough parking.  We expect that the Election Commission will approve the polling places at the February 28, 2022 meeting.
Once the polling places are approved, there will be a voter education campaign to make sure that all voters are fully informed about all election changes and updates.  The final step in the process is to provide a written notice to voters whose polling places have changed.  These will go out in late March.